What is Physiotherapy?

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Simon Evans Physiotherapy SolihullPhysiotherapy differs from other health disciplines in that it does not use pharmacological principles in the first instance nor processes that could be invasive such as surgery or injections, based on physical means.

Physiotherapy encompasses the identification and maximization of the functional capacity and potential of each patient dealing with both health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases and injuries. Although techniques and knowledge are shared with other disciplines, the physiotherapist looks at the patient from a particular perspective: he values ​​the potential and the ability to move through interaction with the patient and tries to achieve agreed goals.

How often should you see a Physiotherapist?

The frequency with which you should see a Physiotherapist will depend on the indication of your treating physician, the type of injury to be treated and the time and profession to which you dedicate yourself.

Most people go when it is urgent to go but many times the number of sessions involved in fixing that problem is greater than maintenance. In addition to the inconvenience of wasted time and pain.  As a general rule, you should not expect it to hurt or be an impediment to perform daily activities.

  • If you are a Sports Professional you should usually go every week.
  • If your profession is physically demanding, once every 15 days or a month would be a good idea.
  • If you do sports frequently, once every 15 days or a month.
  • If you suffered a traumatic injury the approximate duration is 3 to 6 months, but everything will depend on your recovery rate and the indication of the specialist.

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