Injuries & Conditions

We treat many Injuries / Conditions in Solihull & provide structured tailor made rehabilitation and treatment plans in a professional clinical environment.

Injuries we treat include:

Knee Pain Arthritic Joint Pain Lower Back Pain
Ankle & Foot Pain Shin Splints Sciatica
Heel Pain Nerve entrapment Whiplash
Elbow Pain Tennis & Golfer's Elbow Shoulder Pain
Stiffness of Joints Neck Pain Hip & Groin Pain
Variety of Complex Sports Injuries Traumatic & Post-Operative Joint Surgery Thigh & Hamstring Muscle Injuries
Stress Fracture of the Lower Back Headaches Achilles Tendon Injuries
Tendon & Ligament Strains Lower back disc problems Postural Back & Neck Pain
ACL Rupture Hamstring Tear

Calf Tear

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