NHS vs. Private Physiotherapy: Understanding Your Options

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NHS Private Physiotherapy Simon Evans Solihull

When seeking Physiotherapy in Solihull and the UK, patients typically have two main pathways: the National Health Service (NHS) or Private Physiotherapy Clinics. The NHS offers comprehensive healthcare services including Physiotherapy at no direct cost to the patient. However, one of the main challenges patients can encounter with NHS Physiotherapy is extensive waiting lists. This delay in treatment can impede immediate care that is crucial for recovery.

To mitigate waiting times and provide swift care, private clinic Simon Evans Physiotherapy in Solihull, is stepping up and helping the community by offering free 20-minute assessments (book here). Such initiatives, not only aid in easing NHS backlogs but also provide patients with immediate feedback on their condition.

Booking and Accessibility

In stark contrast to the potential weeks or months it might take to receive an assessment through the NHS, Private Clinics can usually book patients for both an assessment and treatment within a week (book here). This rapid access to care ensures that individuals can start their journey to recovery much sooner, preventing the worsening of symptoms and improving overall long-term outcomes.

Assessments and Treatment

With a thorough assessment, Physiotherapists can tailor a hands-on treatment plan to the individual's needs. Simon Evans Physiotherapy, focuses on a detailed evaluation, followed by a personalised rehabilitation plan equipping patients with the tools and knowledge for at-home exercises alongside their in-clinic sessions.

Simon Evans Physiotherapy have the advantage of providing more extensive treatment sessions - and being less constrained by time (compared to NHS counterparts), allowing for a more thorough application of care. This can include a variety of treatment techniques such as manual therapy, acupuncture, strapping, muscle stimulation - Compex, fascial release techniques, exercise prescriptions, and advanced modalities that may not be readily available within the NHS due to time and resource limitations.

Specialisation and Expertise

Simon Evans Physiotherapy often emphasise their specialisation in areas such as MSK (musculoskeletal) Injuries in particular. This includes muscle, tendon, ligament injuries, as well as issues related to all the joints within the body. With a specialist's expertise, patients receive focused treatment that is tailored to a specific category of injuries or conditions, potentially enhancing the outcomes.


When deciding between NHS and Private Physiotherapy, patients must consider factors such as waiting times, accessibility, extent of treatment sessions, and areas of specialisation. Simon Evans Physiotherapy's initiative to offer free assessments (in Solihull) and the ability to swiftly book patients for follow-up treatment addresses several crucial gaps that often exist within the public healthcare system.

Opting for Private Physiotherapy, particularly for those with MSK injuries, not only ensures a quick initiation of care but also guarantees a comprehensive, specialised treatment approach that may be more difficult to access through the NHS. For residents in and around Solihull requiring expert Physiotherapy, especially for MSK-related conditions, Simon Evans Physiotherapy present a compelling option to consider.

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