Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking

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10 Ways to Quit Smoking Simon Evans Physiotherapy Solihull

Many people do not quit smoking because they think it is too difficult.  After all, the nicotine in cigarettes is a highly addictive drug; but with the right approach, it is possible to quit.

  1. Prepare to quit smoking: it is advisable to make a sheet of the number of cigarettes you smoke per day and the feelings associated with that urge to smoke.
  2. Delve into the benefits you will get from quitting smoking, both in your health and in your interpersonal relationships, for this you can make a table of the pros and cons of quitting smoking.
  3. Calculate the cost of cigarettes and how much to save.
  4. Learn about your physical dependence on nicotine and withdrawal symptoms. Giving up smoking is an active and creative process that often involves relapse.
  5. Make a commitment and decide on a date to quit smoking.
  6. Remove or hide all ashtrays, lighters in the house to avoid being tempted or make you want to smoke more.
  7. Do not stick with cigarettes ‘just in case’ - Control the stimuli that make you want to smoke. And focus on stress management.
  8. Spend more time in non-smoking places (eg, movie theaters, smoke-free coffee shops, etc.).
  9. Live in smoke-free environments and if this is not possible, ask co-smokers not to leave cigarettes within reach.
  10. Avoid situations that are strongly associated with tobacco such as casinos and meetings with smokers.

Identify what distractions help you drive away the idea of ​​smoking (eg, walks, gymnastics, brushing your teeth, etc.).

Have family and social support: Look to often meet or call someone who understands how important it is to you to be able to quit smoking.

Plan your diet based on fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water and citrus juices. Practice some relaxing breathing. Slow, deep breathing for a few minutes serves to ease both the idea of ​​smoking and moments of tension. Walk, climb stairs and do physical activity appropriate to your age and physical condition.

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