Body Spaces, Blood Supply & Nerve Supply of the Lower Limb

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Body Spaces of the Lower Limb

  • Formed by the divergence of soft tissues (muscles and tendons)
  • Femoral triangle
    • Boundaries - inguinal ligament (base), sartorius (lateral border), medial border of adductor longus (medial border)
    • Floor - Pectineus, adductor brevis & longus
    • Contents - Femoral artery, vein & nerve, lymphatics
  • Popliteal Fossa
    • Boundaries 
      • Upper medial - medial hamstrings
      • Upper lateral - Biceps femoris
      • Lower medial - medial head of gastrocnemius
      • Lower lateral - lateral head of gastrocnemius
    • Floor - popliteus & knee joint capsule
    • Contents - Popliteal artery/vein, tibial nerve & lymphatics

Blood Supply to Lower Limb

  • Oxygenated blood from core reaches periphery via main arteries - branches given off at various levels
  • Deoxygenated blood returns to core via superficial and deep veins

Blood Supply to Lower Limb - Femoral Artery

  • Aorta divides into 2 common iliac arteries
  • Which divide into internal & external iliac arteries in pelvic bowl
  • Ext. iliac artery pass under inguinal ligament to form femoral artery
  • Most superficial in femoral triangle (pulse)
  • Passes down in the sub sartorial canal before passing posteriorly through the adductor hiatus

Blood Supply to Lower Limb - Popliteal Artery

  • Popliteal artery - continuation of femoral artery
  • Enters popliteal fossa under upper medial border at which point is most superficial (pulse)
  • Passes to inferior corner of fossa to run deep to gastrocnemius / soleus 
  • Divides into anterior and posterior tibial arteries

Blood Supply to Lower Limb - Anterior Tibial Artery

  • Anterior tibial artery passes though opening in upper interosseous membrane
  • Runs down in anterior compartment
  • At the ankle becomes the the Dorsalis Pedis artery which forms the dorsal arch supplying the foot and toes 
  • Pulses identifiable over anterior ankle and dorsum of foot

Blood Supply to Lower Limb - Posterior Tibial Artery

  • Larger division of popliteal artery
  • Passes under the superficial plantarflexors to run down in posterior compartment of leg
  • Run under foot behind medial malleolus (pulse) to form plantar arch supplying foot and toes

Blood Supply to Lower Limb - Venous Drainage

  • Deep venous system accompanies the arterial system - the smaller vessel run in pairs (venae commitantes)
  • Superficial venous system - from dorsal venous network form:
    • the Great (anteromedial) Saphenous vein - drains into Femoral vein in femoral triangle
    • and Small (posterolateral) Saphenous vein - drains into popliteal vein in popliteal fossa

Nerve Supply to Lower Limb

  • Spinal cord – housed in vertebral canal and divided into segment
  • Each segment forms ventral (motor) and dorsal (sensory) which join to form the nerve root (with fibres from the ANS)
  • Nerve root emerges via IV foramen below corresponding vertebra in Tx & Lu region & above in Cx region (C8 root emerges between C7 & T1)
  • Once beyond IV foramen roots divide into anterior and posterior primary rami
  • Posterior 1° rami pass to skin and muscle of the back
  • Anterior 1° rami pass forward to form the plexi
  • T12 to L4 form the Lumbar plexus
  • L4 to S4 form the Lumbosacral plexus

The Lumbar Plexus

  • Formed by the anterior 1° rami of T12 to L4 (L5)
  • Formed in the substance of psoas major
  • Main nerves arising include
    • Femoral nerve
    • Obturator nerve

Femoral Nerve - L2, 3 & 4

  • Femoral nerve - emerging from lateral border of psoas 
  • enters anterior compartment under inguinal ligament 
  • to supply muscle and skin on the anterior thigh (quads and sartorius)

Obturator Nerve - L2,3 & 4

  • Obturator nerve – emerging from medial border of psoas 
  • enters medial compartment through small opening in obturator membrane 
  • to supply muscles and skin of medial thigh (adductor compartment)

Lumbosacral Plexus

  • Formed by the anterior 1° rami of L4 to S4 
  • Formed in the substance of psoas major
  • Main nerves arising include
    • Tibial nerve
    • Common Peroneal nerve
    • (combine to form the Sciatic nerve)

Sciatic Nerve

  • Largest nerve in the body - formed by the union of  the tibial (L4 to S3) and common peroneal nerves (L4 to  S2)
  • Forms in pelvic bowl - emerges through grater sciatic notch under cover of piriformis
  • Passes down between hamstring supplying them (including ischial head of adductor magnus)
  • Ends at upper corner of popliteal fossa by dividing into its 2 terminal branches

Tibial Nerve (L4 to S3)

  • Larger division of the sciatic nerve
  • From upper corner of popliteal fossa 
  • Passes into posterior calf under soleus supplying posterior compartment
  • Lies behind medial malleolus (under flexor retinaculum)  at ankle before dividing into its terminal branches

Medial and Lateral Plantar Nerves

  • Terminal branches of tibial nerve enter foot under sustentaculum tali
  • Supply muscles and skin of sole of foot

Common Peroneal Nerve

  • Short and smaller division of sciatic nerve
  • Passes down upper lateral border of popliteal fossa under biceps femoris tendon
  • Winds around neck of fibula
  • Divides into its terminal branches 

Superficial Peroneal Nerve

  • Passes down in the lateral compartment of the lower leg
  • Supplies evertors of foot and skin over dorsum of foot (except ‘flip-flop’ area)
  • Most superficial over lateral collateral ligament of the ankle

Deep Peroneal Nerve

  • Passes from neck of fibula into the anterior compartment
  • Supplies the dorsiflexors of the foot and ankle and the ‘flip-flop’ area

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