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VOW Nutrition Performance Gels Bundle

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VOW Nutrition Kick Off Gels x 12

VOW Nutrition Kick Off provides an advanced source of easily digestible carbohydrates for energy and a precise level of caffeine per 60ml gel to boost mental focus at the start of exercise.

Ideal for high intensity exercise and endurance work loads. This means it’s effective in the gym, on the pitch or for any other activity that requires endurance.
Caffeine has been repeatedly shown to improve performance by lowering your perception of effort by providing a boost just when you need it.

VOW Nutrition Half Time Gels x 12

VOW Nutrition Half Time Energy Gel has been designed to deliver an easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrates for energy during exercise to help your body continue to perform when fatigue starts to take effect, whilst also providing essential electrolytes to help prevent dehydration.

Half Time has been designed to be consumed without water, minimising the risk of being bloated which can sometimes occur with over-drinking that can cause a negative effective on the next phase of your workout.

VOW Nutrition Full Time Gels x 12

VOW Nutrition Full Time recovery Gel has been designed to be taken after exercise or when the final whistle goes. Loaded with an essential blend of BCAAs made up of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. It also includes a fast supply of easily digestible carbohydrates to support the energy lost during exercise.

BCAAs are essential and can not be produced by the body so they must be obtained through our diet making VOW Nutrition Full Time even more important to help support the bodies recovery after exercise.

VOW Nutrition Gels Supplements Simon Evans Physiotherapy

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